Questyinz Island

Questyinz Island is an online game that extends the Allegheny County Library Association’s (ACLA) existing game, Questyinz.  The game’s target audience is K- 5th Grade (6 – 11yrs). Our goal with the game was to design social features that encourage exploration of books and reading, promote peer culture, and excite the users.  In the game players can show off the books they have read or are interested in to other players, chat about what they are reading, or communicate through animating their character.  Players also get quests that encourage them to read or interact with other players.

My roles:

  • Game Designer
  • Producer

Questyinz quests

What I did:

  • Ideation
    • Contributed concept documents with outlined ideas on mechanics, player goals, and content
    • Worked with the team during and after brainstorming sessions to help structure their ideas and design ways for these ideas to be implemented in the game
  • Mechanics and Content
    • Provided detailed documents outlining mechanics for the team’s programmers and tested in the game when possible
    • Created character level system with 3 different types of quests and scaling experience values outlined in spreadsheets
  • Playtesting
    • Designed playtesting questionnaires to get  valuable feedback from target audience and parsed and analysed the data gathered using Google Sheets.

Tools used :

  • Adobe Flash Builder, Photoshop,  MS Power Point


Project Website:Questyinz_1016_762x224_168

The Game

I worked with a team of 6 to develop this game over 16 weeks.  We focused our design on giving the players interactions they would find entertaining and that could serve as conversation starters that would centralize communication around reading, and by extension, the players interest.  A large bookshelf occupies the center of the player’s in-game home , and the player can from a large number of books contained in the ACLA’s library catalog to put on their shelves, which are visible to their friends within the game.  Players can also create covers for books on their shelf, and show off the books they mark as their favorite to other players roaming about the world.