Mining Wars

The Mining Wars game board, market board, and assorted pieces

The Mining Wars game board, market board, and assorted pieces

Mining Wars is a 4 player competitive strategy game in the Eurogame style.

In Mining Wars you compete against other players to explore the land, collect gemstones, and meet the needs of an ever changing market!

With a limited number of miners for each player, you must outnumber your opponents and monopolize the right mines in order to dominate the market.

I designed this game with Jimin Song.

The game features:

  • A constantly updating in game market that determines what players can sell

  • Game board and market board randomly laid out so each game is different

  • Explore as you go – the board will go from bare to detailed as spaces are uncovered

  • Only the player with the most miners on a space collects, no ties

  • 9 rounds of play – sell as you go, or risk it all for a big profit at the end.

  • 16 different types of action cards that allow players to shape the game – everything

    One of the later playtests

    One of the later playtests

    from shifting the board to moving another player’s pieces is a possibility


One of the major features of the game is the market board.  This board and the accompanying resource cards allows the game state to be changing outside of player actions each turn.  This mechanic  injects excitement into the game, and as resource only persist in the market for a maximum of two turns, players are able to form strategies around when to capture and sell certain resources.

We are still making small adjustments to the prototype and hope to seek a publisher at a later date.