Jelly Pirates in Space

Jelly Pirates in Space is a collaborative ship shooting game that uses mobile devices as controllers via a browser interface.  This casual game prototype is a chaotic multiplayer experience meant for the whole family to enjoy in a 10 minute session.

My role:JPIS Images Battle in Ice Cream with Sharp Eyes 521 x 359

  • Lead Game Designer
  • Co-Producer

What I did:

  • Documentation
    • Created design documents and maintained documentation as reference for team
  • External Communication
    • Pitched game ideas and presented concepts to the client
  • Internal Communication
    • Scheduled design meetings and distributed tasks among design team
    • Communicated design decisions and mechanical adjustments to team
    • Worked to ensure 14 member bi-coastal team maintained the same visionJPIS Images Boss Battle 447 x 331
  • Development
    • Coded gameplay prototypes in Unity during ideation stage
    • Scripted gameplay behaviour in Unity for adjustments to player score system, boss battle, and enemy behaviour
  • Ideation
    • Contributed concept documents with outlined ideas on mechanics, player goals, and content
    • Pitched game concepts to client with accompanying documents



Gameplay Video