GoGlobal is an iOS app meant to accompany students on a semester abroad.   Simcoach Games , where I was interning as a game designer, was commissioned by Indiana University to develop a prototype of the application .

My roles:

  • Designer
  • Programmer

What I did:

  • Ideation
    • Took over an initial design outline and developed it into detailed concept documents with outlined ideas on interface
    • Worked with the team and client during design sessions to help structure their ideas and design ways for these ideas to be implemented in the game
  • Implementation
    • Worked closely with an artist intern to develop the entire prototype for the application
    • Deployed the application to the client’s test devices and internal testing devices using

Tools used :

  • Unity, C#, Photoshop, Testflight


The Application

GoGlobal centers around a list of possible goals for the player, with new goals being offered as options each week of their trip.  When the user sees a goal they feel is interesting, or aligns with their study abroad goals, they can add it to their goal inventory to check off once they’ve completed it.  As more goals are completed, achievements are unlocked in the form of passport stamps and the user sees their overall progress reflected in their profile page, which houses their GlobalMe avatar and ‘culture points’ bar.