Arctic Stars: The Far North

Arctic Stars: The Far North is an educational game that teaches players about the animals of the arctic tundra and how they survive in this harsh environment.

You can download the game for android here! 

My role:

  • Game DesignerYeti Screenshot

What I did:

  • Ideation
    • Contributed concept documents with outlined ideas on mechanics, player goals, and content
    • Worked with the team during and after brainstorming sessions to help structure their ideas and design ways for these ideas to be implemented in the game
  • Mechanics
    • Provided detailed documents outlining mechanics for the team’s programmers and tested in the game when possible
  • Playtesting
    • Designed playtesting questionnaires to get  valuable feedback from target audience and parsed and analysed the data gathered using Google Sheets.
  • Implementation
    • Scripted features of user interface and gameplay in the Unity game engine using C#
    • Outlined concept for tutorial and scripted and implemented it within the game

Tools used :

  • Unity, C#, Unity Asset Server, Photoshop


Project Website:

The Game

This game was built by a team of 6 graduate students (including myself) over the course of 16 weeks for Mountainview Elementary School. I helped the team to design and implement mechanics that  serve as abstractions of the more engaging activities scientists do in the field.  The player is given tools such as binoculars (seen above), a gps tracker, and a digital logbook.  These tools encourage the player to find the animals scattered about the environment and collect data not only through the interface of the game, but also through observing interactions between the animals, such as the arctic wolf stalking a caribou, or a polar bear hunting for seals.