I have loved playing and making games since I was a kid. My journey of play started with Nintendo classics (Zelda: The Link’s Awakening, and Super Mario RPG come to mind) and board games. Before long I began making my own games by adjusting yard games like wall ball and making up imaginary worlds to entertain myself and my siblings. I later moved on to making analog and computer games. These days I work professionally on mobile games. I believe that games which are well designed to integrate with a player’s daily life are the future and it’s my goal use my skill set to make those games the most fun that players have ever had.

Besides games, I have also always loved reading and writing stories.  I majored in English (and Computer Science) in undergraduate, and I occasionally write a short story in my free time.

When I’m not trying to make something, or play something, I enjoy walking in nature and watching movies.

Some things I’ve been playing recently:
Pokemon GO, DragonVale World, C.A.T.S, Heroes of the Storm

Some things I was into (and still love):
Baldur’s Gate II:Shadows of Amn, Dishonored, Ogre Battle 64, reading fantasy and horror short stories

I obtained my Master of Entertainment Technology from Carnegie Mellon.

About Me

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